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Firm History

Established in 1994 in Summit, NJ, the firm of Marion F. Katz, CPA is located in the Baltimore, Maryland, area.

The practice is run by Marion F. Katz, a certified public accountant, licensed in the state of Maryland. As a 1981 graduate of the University of California at Los Angeles, with a bachelor of arts degree in Business Economics, Marion began her accounting career in an office shared by two sole practioners in Beverly Hills, California. In late 1982 she moved to New Jersey and immediately became employed by the West Orange, New Jersey firm of Besser, Colner, Herbst and Lustbader. When, in 1990, Besser, Colner, Herbst and Lustbader merged with the Morristown firm of Trien, Rosenberg, Marion was one of the first to begin commuting to Morristown instead of West Orange. By 1994, Marion decided it was time for a change and in August of that year she “took the plunge” and left the firm to strike out on her own.

Since first opening its doors in 1994, Marion’s practice has grown to approximately two and a half times its initial size. Marion is proud to report that this growth has come about solely through word of mouth referrals.

In addition to delivering the expected expertise in the various areas of taxation that the firm practices, Marion also adds that something extra, the personal touch. Although when one considers the nature of the work, it could be deduced that clients are just numbers, in fact, clients are why there is a practice and, therefore, are given the same attention to detail no matter what the numbers are.


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